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Turbo Vortex Pre-filter:
The latest Innovation in solids separation

The TVSS-10 was developed due to high demand for a device that would remove solid debris prior to reaching the biofilter.

With the current advancements in pond filtration moving towards pressurized systems there was high demand for a prefilter that would take the place of the old style sediment tanks.

Thus the TVSS-10 was created, a solids separator with a footprint of only 12". The TVSS-10 is ideal for all pressurized system applications including the Fluidbead and the Hydrabead.

The TVSS-10 works in this manner:

  • Water is pulled from the pond through the TVSS-10 into the pump.
  • After the pump the water is pushed into the filter.
  • Solids accumulate in an aerobic environment and await back-washing.
  • Cleaning the TVSS-10 is an effortless task, with just an easy movement of the handle to the backwash position.
  • No more dumping your pump strainer on a daily basis. Maintenance is a breeze.

How does the TVSS-10 help your filter?

By separating the solids and keeping them from entering your filter you allow your filter to work more efficiently at removing solubles.

Separating solids and heavy debris from your water prior to your main filter is the key to maximizing your filters capacity. The more solids that you can remove, the more efficiently your filter can perform biologically.

The TVSS-10 performs this task effortlessly; removing 90% to 95% of solid waste before it enters the pump. The TVSS-10 can be installed on any existing pond, and will function with any pressurized system including the Fluidbead, Hydrabead, Bubblebead and Predator 5000.

The TVSS-10 provides a permanent solution to clogged pump baskets and overloaded bio-filters by removing everything from fish waste to pine needles - the ultimate prefilter.

Model Item# Dimensions Size of Pond Inlet/Outlet Size order
Turbo Vortex TVSS-10 10"base/45"tall 1500 to 10,000 2" how to order

Consider the facts and compare with other pre-filters:

  • Virtually Eliminates pump basket cleaning.
  • Helps lower the solids going into the filter.
  • Lowers backwashing frequency.
  • Only 12" in diameter and 40" tall.
  • Easy, low volume backwash.
  • Heavy duty ABS construction.
  • Easy installation with no digging.
  • Installation kit included.
  • Promotes clearer, healthier water.
  • Easy accessibility to internals.
  • 3 year manufacturers warranty.


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