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JPD Fuyufuji

Fuyufuji - All Season Koi Food

JPD Fuyufuji is the perfect Koi Food at lower water temperatures. With a Wheat Germ base Fuyufuji is an ideal koi food to use at the beginning and end of the koi season.
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Fujizakura - Health Diet Koi Food

This food is mixed with some special ingredients, and it includes seaweed extract, B-glucagon and yeast cell wall, which is immunostimulant. These components stimulate immune system and accelerate immune response.
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Shori - High Growth Koi Food

All ingredients in this food are selected carefully with dietician studies and JPD technology. This food is formulated with high quality fish and plant protein which makes a good digestibility for koi. It should be noted that this food is high protein (45%) but also low ash (8.5%). The ash is digested slowly. This is because high protein fish meal is used.
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Yamato - Color Enhancing Koi Food

This food is formulated with the proper quantity astaxanthin (which makes red redder) and enriched with Vitamin C (which makes the white whiter). These ingredients make a shiny beautiful body.
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