Pan Intercorp offers a wide variety of educational programs to further your enjoyment of Koi and water gardening. The following is a schedule of our upcoming events at Pan Intercorp, as well as Koi events from around the world that Pan Intercorp will be attending. Check this page regularly for updated events, program listings, and much more.

  • Koi & Coffee
    Saturday, September 16, 2017

    Don't miss the next Koi & Coffee - Third Saturday of every month - 9:00am @ Pan Intercorp.

    Have you ever wondered what a trip to Japan, shopping for Koi, with Zak would be like? Did you know that we take many customers to the birthplace of Koi each year? Hear about the trips we have scheduled this season.

    Did you know that there are Koi auctions taking place in Japan during the Fall and Winter? Sakai Koi? Isa Koi? Narita Koi? Zak bids on koi for customers here is the states all of the time, he can bid for you too! Learn about how this process works at Saturday's Koi & Coffee.

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