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ProfiDrum Eco Rotary Drum Pre-Filter

The ProfiDrum Eco is positioned for the professional hobbyist who does not opt for a stainless steel system but will not sacrifice the durability and reliability of his or her investment. Therefore, the critical components are (just like the ProfiDrum Stainless) made of stainless steel 316. The housing of the ProfiDrum Eco is created with economical PolyProylene (PP). The filters are covered with industrial filter panels with a woven stainless steel mesh of 70 microns. On request, different mesh sizes are certainly possible as well as nylon mesh. The ProfiDrum Eco electronic control box along with the drum motor operate on 110v current.

  • high flow rates in terms of throughput of water
  • an adjustable and fully automated rinsing
  • intensive and safe integration of electronics
  • quality materials from the process industry
  • a maintenance free way of filtering your pond


Model Drum Size Inlet Size Outlet Size Static Level* Maximum Flowrate Dimensions w/ Lid**
Type 45/40 17.7" X 15.7" 3 X 4" 2 X 4" 16" 6604 gph 32"L X 22.5"W X 24.5"H
Type 55/40 21.6" X 15.7" 3 X 4" 2 X 4" 20" 9246 gph 33.5"L X 28"W X 29"H
Type 65/40 25.6" X 15.7" 4 X 4" 2 X 4" 25" 13,208 gph 33.5"L X 33"W X 34.5"H
Type 65/60 25.6" X 23.6" 4 X 4" 2 X 4" 25" 17,171 gph 41.5"L X 33"W X 34.5"H

* Static Level is the distance from the Operating Water Level to the Base of the Unit. Static Level is equal to the level of the pond.

** Case Length - Add 8" to Length measurement for Drum Motor clearance.


Item # Model Price Order
204540 ProfiDrum Eco 45/40 $4,850.00 how to order
205540 ProfiDrum Eco 55/40 $5,315.00 how to order
206540 ProfiDrum Eco 65/40 $5,775.00 how to order
206560 ProfiDrum Eco 65/60 $6,805.00 how to order


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