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Vortek SS Delux Pre-filter

The Vortek SS Delux revolutionizes the pond industry by allowing you to add a prefilter that truly separates all debris prior to the pump.

Water flows to the Vortek SS Delux prior to the pump where the debris is removed two ways.

  • By settlement of heavier non buoyant debris.
  • Lighter, buoyant debris will rise into the floating media pack where it is caught and held in a relatively calm area within the pac where it waits until it is backwashed out.

Water quality is increased due to the debris being held in place calmly instead of being broken down by the extreme agitation of the turbulence of the pump strainer basket. No more dirty strainer baskets to clean on a daily basis.

Weekly backwashings are recommended and very easy to do. Just move a couple of valves and turn on the media agitator allowing it to run for a couple of minutes. During this process the media balls and debris are exposed to over a 100 cu. ft. per minute of air that breaks up accumulated debris, algae, fish poop, etc. What goes on inside the tank is very violent during this time and anything inside the unit is broken into minute particles that are easily backwashed out of the unit. Once this is done you are ready to enjoy another week of trouble free enjoyment.

Just looking at the plumbing (comes preassembled as shown above) above may seem rather complicated but is really very simple. We have made it easy to install. You have just basic connections to make. Water flow is non restrictive. The water enters the lower connection in a straight line. Enters the tank and moves up through the media balls and back out in a straight line. This makes the unit non restrictive. The valves and turns are only used during backwash. This allows the unit to be used with low amperage koi pond type pumps. Comes complete with all plumbing shown plus an extra swing check valve and 3 way valve. All you have to add is regular pvc parts and fittings to fit your application.

Designed to be used with all pressurized systems and skimmer or mid level pick up systems.

Model Size of Pond Inlet/Outlet Size Price order
Vortek SS Delux 1,500 and up 2" $1,649.95 how to order


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