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Artesian2 Pond Pump

PerformancePro Artesian2 is the perfect choice for high efficiency and reliability combined with the convenience of self-priming. Molded of corrosion-resistant polypropylene. Artesian2 pumps are ideal for applications in which the pump is positioned above the water level. An easy-open Lexan lid provides ready access to the integral strainer pot's large basket. Available in 1/8 to 1/2 hp at 1725 rpm and 1/2 to 3 hp at 3450 rpm.

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Artesian2 Low RPM
Veiw Curve Chart

Model HP Max Watts GPH @ 10' Inlet/Outlet Size order Price
A2-1/8-39 1/8hp 202 Watts 2,760 GPH 2 Inch (Unions Included)
A2-1/4-47 1/4hp 290 Watts 3,720 GPH 2 Inch (Unions Included)
A2-1/4-58 1/4hp 360 Watts 4,800 GPH 2 Inch (Unions Included)
A2-1/3-63 1/3hp 450 Watts 5,580 GPH 2 Inch (Unions Included)
A2-1/2-76 1/2hp 630 Watts 7,140 GPH 2 Inch (Unions Included)


Artesian2 High Flow
Veiw Curve Chart

Model HP Max Amps GPH @ 15' Inlet/Outlet Size order Price
A2-3/4-HF 3/4hp 5.6 Amps 8,400 GPH 2 Inch (Unions Included)
A2-1-HF 1hp 7.3 Amps 9,660 GPH 2 Inch (Unions Included)


Artesian2 High Head
Veiw Curve Chart

Model HP Max Amps GPH @ 15' Inlet/Outlet Size order Price
A2-1/2-HH 1/2hp 4.2 Amps 5,880 GPH 2 Inch (Unions Included)
A2-3/4-HH 3/4hp 5.6 Amps 6,720 GPH 2 Inch (Unions Included)
A2-1-HH 1hp 7.4 Amps 8,220 GPH 2 Inch (Unions Included)


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