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Disease of Nishikigoi

Even if they are healthy, Nishikigoi can sometimes fall ill. To correctly diagnose and treat a disease, specialized knowledge is required. Therefore, if any symptoms of illness are noticed, it is advisable to consult a dealer or specialist and obtain the correct medication. The following points are general indicators of disease.

Swimming motion

  • Swimming nose up
  • Scratching body on base and walls of pool or aquarium
  • Little movement and do not swim together with other fish
  • Swimming with looping or somersaulting motion

Changes on body surface

  • Large amount of slime secreted
  • Parasites visible on body surface
  • Fins are cloudy and inflamed
  • Body appears whitish

Eating habits

  • Loss of appetite
  • Food is not well digested
  • Overfeeding

Condition of food

  • Nutrients in diet are unbalanced
  • Food is too old

Condition of water

  • Water appears cloudy
  • Froth or bubbles on water surface
  • Large amounts of detritus on pool bottom
  • Water has not been changed
  • Lack of aeration
  • Variation in temperature is too great

If these conditions persist over 4-6 days then we can expect the fish to become ill. It is necessary to correct the conditions and to contact a dealer or specialist to obtain the correct medications to cure the fish.

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