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Bead Filtration Redefined

Challenger Filters - Pushing the Envelope.

Pan Intercorp is proud to present the Challenger line of filters, the most definitive statement in filtration design. With an extensive array of valve features, backwash options, outstanding craftsmanship and performance, the Challenger line of filters can satisfy even the most jaded koi veteran - and will blow away the pond and koi keeping enthusiast. With increased bead capacities and patented operating and backwashing design, the Challenger filter brings a whole new meaning to pond filtration.

How the Challenger Filter works...

Conventional upflow bead filters are functionally sub-optimal in a number of important respects. Conventional bead filters rely on gravity to facilitate the backwashing of media. They also work on a minimal flow basis due to pressure regulations of the housing and lack of media to support high flow levels.

The Challenger line of filters offers answers to these short-falls of conventional bead filters. Constructed of rigid, heavy duty fiberglass the challenger line of filters are designed to handle flows up to 10,000 gallons per hour while retaining the aerobic functions of the media contained in the unit.

The media provided in the Challenger creates a pack in the top of the filter. Water from the pond is pushed through the unit in an up-flow manner. The bead pack traps solids and particulates before allowing water to pass back to the pond. By utilizing a smaller bead than conventional bead filters, Challenger filters provide a larger surface area for increased biological filtration. This smaller bead also gives more of a "polished" effect to the water.

Challenger Filters are completely pressurized systems that can be backwashed hydraulically using water from your pond. Cleaning the Challenger is an effortless task thanks to the use of a multiport valve. Simply turn the valve to backwash and your filter is hydraulically cleaned with water from your pond. To assist with backwashing such large quantities of media, an air blower is provided as part of the standard equipment on every Challenger. It's purpose is to agitate the media and break apart the bead pack that forms in the upper portion of the filter.

The Challenger Filter provides unmatched performance and ease of operation for even the most discerning pond keepers.

Model Dimensions Size of Pond Media ft3 Blower order
Challenger 40 18"L X 18"W X 30"H up to 2000 gal. 1.75 Yes how to order
Challenger 50 21"L X 21"W X 32"H up to 5000 gal. 2.5 Yes how to order
Challenger 60 25"L X 25"W X 34"H up to 10,000 gal. 4.25 Yes how to order
Challenger 100 32"L X 32"W X 40"H up to 15,000 gal. 6.0 Yes how to order
Challenger 140 38"L X 38"W X 44"H up to 22,000 gal. 9.0 Yes how to order

Consider the facts and compare with other bead filters:

  • Sturdy fiberglass construction.
  • Available to fit most any size pond.
  • Constructed with minimal flow restriction in mind.
  • All plumbing is 2 inch.
  • Easy hydraulic back wash with no dirty discharge to the pond.
  • Now available with a sludge removal feature on the bottom of the filter.
  • Small footprint - Ideal for space limited situations.
  • Easy installation.
  • 500-550 cubic feet of surface area per square ft of media.
  • Hydra-thrust Blower is included with every filter to assist with backwashing.
  • Sludge removal drain on the bottom of each Challenger assures full removal of waste with each backwash.
  • The New Hydra Swirl feature allows uniform distribution of flow and debris throughout the filters bead pack.
  • A Multiport valve is provided as standard equipment with features such as Backwash, Rinse, Recirculate, and more.

Pinnacle 140: Maximum flow, minimal cost

Challenger Filters - Pushing the Envelope.

Taking the Trademark design of the Challenger 140 to the next level, the Pinnacle 140 evokes and image of superiority and simplicity through it's unmistakable new styling. Built to suit the needs of pond owners who require massive flow rates, the Pinnacle filter supports dual 1/4 HP pumps, and flow rates up to 10,000 gallons per hour. The use of 2 1/4 HP pumps allows maximum flow coupled with minimum energy consumption.

A single air blower is provided as standard equiptment on the Pinnacle 140. Used to break apart the bead pack that forms in the 140 the blower is an invaluable tool for backwash assistance. With the addition of features such as the Hydraswirl Media Prop, and a sludge removal drain, the Pinnacle filter is clearly the apex of high flow bead filter systems.

Model Dimensions Size of Pond Media ft3 Blower order
Pinnacle 140 28"L X 38"W X 44"H up to 25,000 gal. 9.0 Yes how to order

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